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WoW Comedic Sketches - Written and Created by Juliet Picard & Sasha Mack

Women on Work: Welcome

Women on Work (WoW)

Juliet Picard co-founded Women on Work ("WoW") with her friend and fellow Cornell University alumna Sasha Mack. "WoW" is a media company that highlights intersectional issues (sex, gender, race) in the workplace through comedy in hopes of making a more inclusive and equal workplace.

WoW is focused on amplifying the voices of women in the workplace by spotlighting successful women and accepting anonymous stories through their blog. Juliet and Sasha are also the primary writers and actors in the WoW comedic sketch series meant to uplift women through relatable, yet hilarious content. 

At the same time, WoW aims to educate others about the importance of equality and inclusivity in the workplace. This pertains to not only women but also to those with diverse backgrounds.

We hope you come for the humor and stay for the message.

Women on Work: Text
Women on Work: Pro Gallery
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